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Thebes MIRROR - AKBIK Furniture & Design
Thebes MIRROR - AKBIK Furniture & Design

Thebes Mediterranean Hand-crafted Mirror


This stunning mirror features intricate hand-carved details and mother of pearl inlay, blending Moroccan and Syrian influences to create a unique, international style. 

  • Arabesque Crown Design.
  • Hand-carved. 
  • Hand-inlaid with Mother of pearl.
  • 23" W X 36" H
  • cm: 58.4 W X 91.4 H
  • In stock.
  • Great Size for bathroom vanity mirror. 
  • This item ships free within the continental United States.
  • It is possible to tailor it to meet your specific requirements.  
  • Kindly make your purchase through our online store or by calling our customer service +1 (847) 328 7777