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Derya Mother of pearl table

Hand-carved tapering lamp stand adorned with arabesque pattern latticework and inlaid with mother of pearl. Overall dimensions: in: 16" W X 16" D X 29 1/2" H cm: 40.6 W X 40.6 D X 74.9 H

Kya end table

Fine inlaid side table with Mother of Pearl, Abalone & camel Bone. Great conversational piece for a Moroccan or lively Interior. Size: 17" W X 17" L X 20" H / cm: 43.2 W X 43.2 L X 50.8 H

Maleeka Mother of pearl side-table

Fine inlaid side table fully inlaid with mother of pearl. Size: Size: 16" W X 16" D X 20 1/2" H. / cm: 40 W X 40 L X 52 H.

Scarlett Mother of pearl table

Top Quality, inlaid Occasional Moroccan Middle eastern style Table with Mother of Pearl inlay. in: 25" W X 25" L X 18" H cm: 63.5" W X 63.5" L X 45.7" H

Solomon Chest

Luminous Arabian inlaid chest with mother of pearl and bone in a pure early Levantine, Andalusian, Damascene designs.

Zakiyah Mother of pearl table

Levantine square side table fully inlaid with camel bone and mother of pearl. in: 16" W X 16" D X 20" H. cm: 41 W X 41 D X 51 H