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Ahlam Syrian Couch

Royal Arabesque Damascene Sofa with mother of pearl and silk upholstery. in: 74" W X 32" D X 54" H cm: 188 W X 81.3 D X 137.2 H

Amwaj Mother of pearl Table

Fine inlaid side table fully inlaid with mother of pearl. Size: 15 1/2" W X 15 1/2" D X 20 3/4" H. / cm: 40 W X 40 L X 52 H.

Ferozah turban stand, kavukluk

Hand-carved and inlaid wall sconce with mother of pearl on walnut. Overall Dimension - in: 11 1/2" W X 7" D X 33" H cm: 29 W X 18 X 84 H

Jamila chest of drawers

Old Syrian Arabian Bridal Chest of Drawers inlaid with Mother of pearl and camel bone on walnut.

Jawaher Side Table

Top Quality, Fully inlaid end table with Mother of Pearl, Camel bone. in: 23 1/2" in Dia. (21 3/4" W X 21 3/4" L) X 24 1/2" H. cm: 59.7 Diam X 62.2 H.

Kya end table

Fine inlaid side table with Mother of Pearl, Abalone & camel Bone. Great conversational piece for a Moroccan or lively Interior. Size: 17" W X 17" L X 20" H / cm: 43.2 W X 43.2 L X 50.8 H

Rasheeda Mosaic Table.

Occasional side table. Hand-made with mosaic marquetry. Dimensions - 24" W X 24" L X 28" H / cm: 61 W X 61 L X 71 H

Rihana Rida turban stand, kavukluk

Hand-inlaid with mother of pearl on walnut.

Shabahang turban stand, kavukluk

Hand-painted Syrian wall sconce.

Shahba Mosaic Table

Mosaic marquetry Syrian side table inlaid with mother of pearl. Dimensions: 18" W in Diameter X 20" H / cm: 45.7 Diam X 50.8 H

Style No. TB551: Turkish Copper Brazier

Style 478: Middle Eastern Turkish/Syrian brass brazier. in: 30" in diameter X 57" H. / cm: 76.2 in diameter X 144.8 H

Symphony Mother of pearl Chaise

Stunning Chaise Lounge Hand-inlaid with mother of pearl and abalone on solid walnut. Great for a Moroccan theme. Overall Dimension - in: 80" W X 28" D X 39" H / cm: 203.2 W X 71 D X 99.1 H