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Aisha Levantine Sideboard

Overall Dimensions - in: 60" L X 20" D X 36" H / cm: 152 L X 50 D X 91.4 H Material: mother of pearl and Solid walnut Process: Handmade, Inlaid with top quality mother of pearl.

Asala Mother of Pearl Chest

Majestic Syrian Inlaid Wedding Chest With The Most Beautiful Tulips, Sun Flowers, Vines and Roses. 26" D X 65" L X 45" H

Baheera Mediterranean Chair

Syrian mosaic chair hand made with several kind of exotic wood and mother of pearl. in: 16" W X 21" D X 38" H / cm: 40.6 W X 53.4 D X 96.5 H

celestial Mother of pearl chest

Inlaid chest of drawers - nightstand alternative with mother of pearl on walnut. Great for Mediterranean or Moroccan Theme. in: 41 1/2" Long X 22" Deep X 38 1/2" High / cm: 105.4 L X 55.9 D X 97.8 H

Dreamz mother of pearl sideboard.

Overall Dimensions - in: 84" L X 22" D X 36" H / cm: 213.4 L X 55.9 D X 91.4 H Material: Solid walnut and mother of pearl.

Emeralda chess side table

Hand inlaid table with mother of pearl and abalone on walnut. Dimensions - in: 24" in dia X 26 1/2" H / cm: 61 in dia X 67.3 H

Hanan Mediterranean Chair

Admirable hand-made mosaic marquetry chair inlaid with several kind of wood that such as lemon wood, walnut, peach wood, rosewood, pine and highlighted with inlays of mother of pearl. Overall dimensions - in: 26 1/2" W X 20 3/4" D X 29 1/2" H / cm 67 W X 52 D X 75 H

Jawaher Side Table

Top Quality, Fully inlaid end table with Mother of Pearl, Camel bone. in: 23 1/2" in Dia. (21 3/4" W X 21 3/4" L) X 24 1/2" H. cm: 59.7 Diam X 62.2 H.

Karima Marquetry Chair

Hand-made Syrian, Moroccan Barrel form chair inlaid with Mother of pearl on several kind of wooden marquetry.

Maliha Mother of pearl chair

Inlaid chair with mother-of-pearl. Hand-carved on solid walnut. Overall dimensions: 27" W X 29" D X 42" H. / cm: 69 W X 74 D X 107 H.

Murcia Side Table

Exotic nesting side tables inlaid with mother of pearl and carved with Arabesque motif on solid walnut. Dimensions - in: 19 1/2" W X 19 1/2" L X 18 1/2"H / cm: 49.5 W X 49.5 L X 47H

Sirius Abalone Chair

Hand-made chair inlaid with the finest Mother of pearl, abalone and several kind of wooden marquetry. Overall dimensions: in: 36 1/2: W X 29" D X 31" H / cm: 92.7 W X 73.7 D X 78.7 H

Symphony Mother of pearl Chaise

Stunning Chaise Lounge Hand-inlaid with mother of pearl and abalone on solid walnut. Great for a Moroccan theme. Overall Dimension - in: 80" W X 28" D X 39" H / cm: 203.2 W X 71 D X 99.1 H

Zarine side table

Wooden mosaic marquetry side table inlaid with mother of pearl. Hand-made in Damascus Syria. Dimensions: in: 16 1/2" W X 16 1/2" W X 20 1/2" H / cm: 41.9 W X 41.9 W X 52.1 H

Zoltan Levantine Chair

Arabesque arm chair hand-carved on walnut and inlaid with mother of pearl. Overall Dimensions - in: 26" D X 22" W X 49" H / cm: 66" W X 55.9" D X 124.5" H

Zoya Levantine Chair - 665

Stylish Arm Chair Hand-inlaid with Mother of pearl on Solid Walnut. 25 W X 28 D X 51 H.