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Style no. CR468 - Chair with camel bone inlay.

Camel Bone inlay Klismos Ram Head Chair. 18" D X 26" W X 35" H.

Style no. M187 - Mother of pearl Syrian Mirror

Brilliant Mirror inlaid with mother of pearl, silver metal wire and camel bone. in: 40" W X 78" H cm: 101.6" W X 198.1" H

Style no. M365 Mother of pearl Syrian Mirror

Astonishing Syrian mirror hand-inlaid with the finest mother of pearl on solid walnut. We have two matching mirrors in stock. Overall dimensions: in: 54" W X 102" H cm: 137.2 W X 259.1 H

Style no. M669 - Mother of pearl Syrian Mirror

Syrian inlaid mirror with mother of pearl and silver metal wire on walnut. Overall dimensions: in: 43" W X 81" H / cm: 109.2 X 205.7 H

Style no. M787 - Queen Anne Style Mirror

Brilliant Vintage Queen Anne Style Mirror in: 34 1/2" W X 61" H cm: 88 W X 155 H

Style no. SC679 - Syrian wall sconce/shelf

Hand-inlaid with mother of pearl on walnut.

Style no. T033 - Mother of pearl inlaid table.

Inlaid side table with mother of pearl.

Style no. T087 - Old Mosaic Table

Marquetry inlaid table hand-made with exotic wooden micro-mosaics and adorned with mother of pearl.

Style no. T148 - Hand-carved table with mother of pearl

Syrian hand-carved tapering lamp stand adorned with arabesque pattern latticework and inlaid with mother of pearl. 11" W X 11" D X 31" H cm: 27.9 W X 27.9 D X 78.7 H

Style no. T187 - Mother of pearl side table

Top Quality, inlaid Occasional Moroccan Middle eastern style Table with Mother of Pearl inlay. in: 25" W X 25" L X 18" H cm: 63.5" W X 63.5" L X 45.7" H