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Ahlam Syrian Couch

Royal Arabesque Damascene Sofa with mother of pearl and silk upholstery. in: 74" W X 32" D X 54" H cm: 188 W X 81.3 D X 137.2 H

Aziza levantine couch

Hand inlaid Syrian sofa with top quality mother of pearl on walnut and upholstered with Damask woven fabric. Dimensions: 66" W X 26" D X 32" H / cm: 167.6 W X 66 D X 81.3 H

Badriya Sofa

A master piece of intricacy hand-carved on walnut, inlaid with mother of pearl and abalone. Upholstered with Damask woven fabric. in: 72" W X 32" D X 53" H cm: 182.9 W X 81.3 D X 134.6 H

Shaheen bench.

Arabesque wooden bench. Hand-carved on walnut. Syrian made with a Moroccan flavor. in: 25" D X 72" W X 36" H cm: 63.5 D X 182.9 W X 91.4 H

Symphony Mother of pearl Chaise

Stunning Chaise Lounge Hand-inlaid with mother of pearl and abalone on solid walnut. Great for a Moroccan theme. Overall Dimension - in: 80" W X 28" D X 39" H / cm: 203.2 W X 71 D X 99.1 H