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Aisha Levantine Sideboard

Overall Dimensions - in: 60" L X 20" D X 36" H / cm: 152 L X 50 D X 91.4 H Material: mother of pearl and Solid walnut Process: Handmade, Inlaid with top quality mother of pearl.

Andalusia Mother of pearl Desk

Fine table inlaid with mother of pearl on solid walnut. Overall Dimension - 67" W X 33" D X 31" H / cm: 170.2 W X 83.8 D X 78.7 H

Ida Levantine Mirror

Intricate mirror inlaid with mother of pearl on solid teak with ebony finish. 47" W X 75" High / cm: 120 W X 190 H

Kameela Levantine Arm Chair

Accent chair hand-inlaid with top quality mother of pearl. Overall dimensions - in: 24" W X 53" H / cm: 61" W X 135" H

Laila Colonial King Bed

Royal inlaid bed with mother of pearl. Hand-carved on solid walnut with interlaced woodwork. Overall dimensions - 83" w X 90" L / cm: 211 w X 229 L

Shakira Mother of pearl Mirror

Inlaid mirror with mother of pearl and camel bone. hand-crafted and inlaid in Damascus, Syria. 34" W X 77" High. cm: 86.4 W X 195.6 H.

Style no. D581 - Mosaic inlaid Desk

Exotic wooden mosaic marquetry desk inlaid with mother of pearl. 26" D X 36" W X 31" H / cm: 66 D X 91.4 W X 78.7 H

Style no. T204 - Levantine Mosaic Table

End/ side table hand-made with wooden mosaics and mother of pearl inlay. Great accent for a Moroccan interior or any lively interior. Dimensions: in: 23 1/2 w X 23 1/2 l X 18" h / cm: 59.7 w X 59.7 l X 45.7 h

Style no. T209 - Silver metal embossed end table.

Silver metal embossed Moroccan design side table. in: 21" w X 21" l X 24" h cm: 53 1/2 W X 53 1/2 L X 61 H

Style no. T217 - Mother of pearl side table

Fine inlaid side table with Mother of Pearl on solid walnut. Size: 19" in diameter X 18" H

Style no. T325 - Mosaic inlay side table

End/side Table with wooden mosaic and Mother of pearl inset top. Dimensions: in: 19" in diameter X 21" H. cm: 48 in diameter X 54 H.

Style no. T568 - Mother of pearl side table.

Octagonal side table inlaid with mother of pearl on walnut. Dimensions - 18" W X 18" L X 20" H / cm: 45.7 W X 45.7 L X 50.8 H