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Andalus Mother of pearl Desk

Fine table inlaid with mother of pearl on solid walnut. Overall Dimension - 67" W X 33" D X 31" H / cm: 170.2 W X 83.8 D X 78.7 H

Asil Arabesque stool

Stool inlaid with fresh water mother of pearl and hand carved on solid walnut. in: 20 L X 20" D X 30" H. / cm 50 L X 50 D X 76 H.

Basha Syrian cabinet

Syrian Egyptian style Cabinet inlaid with Mother-of-pearl.

Mosaic Secretary Desk

Exotic wooden mosaic marquetry desk inlaid with mother of pearl. 26" D X 36" W X 31" H / cm: 66 D X 91.4 W X 78.7 H