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Hiba side table

Heirloom quality inlaid table hand-carved with the most beautiful Arabesque designs and engraved with calligraphy on solid walnut. Dimensions: 17" in diameter X 21" H / cm: 43.2 in Dia X 53.3 H

Aghati Chest of Drawers

Old Syrian Wedding Dresser - Chest of Drawers. Inlaid With top quality mother Of Pearl and Camel Bone. 50" H X 24" D X 58" H.

Alibaba Chest

Arabian / Moroccan / Anglo Indian Chest hand-inlaid with mother of pearl on solid wood. Dimensions - in: 33"L X 20 1/2"W X 33"H / cm: 83.8 L X 52.1 W X 83.8 H

Asala Mother of Pearl Chest

Majestic Syrian Inlaid Wedding Chest With The Most Beautiful Tulips, Sun Flowers, Vines and Roses. 26" D X 65" L X 45" H

Atiq Syrian Chest

Arabian chest inlaid chest with mother-of-pearl and metal wire. A great anchor piece for a captivating decor. 50" w X 19" d X 37" h. cm: 127 w X 48 d X 94 h

Constellation Syrian Mirror

Inlaid Mirror with mother-of-Pearl and camel bone. Amazing piece of art for a unique interior. Overall dimensions: in: 54" W X 102" H cm: 137.2 W X 259.1 H

Jamila chest of drawers

Old Syrian Arabian Bridal Chest of Drawers inlaid with Mother of pearl and camel bone on walnut.

Laila Colonial King Bed

Royal inlaid bed with mother of pearl. Hand-carved on solid walnut with interlaced woodwork. Overall dimensions - 83" w X 90" L / cm: 211 w X 229 L

Latifa Mother of pearl Mirror

Brilliant Mirror inlaid with mother of pearl, silver metal wire and camel bone. in: 40" W X 78" H cm: 101.6" W X 198.1" H

Queen Anne Mirror

Brilliant Vintage Queen Anne Style Mirror in: 34 1/2" W X 61" H cm: 88 W X 155 H

Shamsi wedding chest

Syrian Wedding Dresser - Chest of Drawers. Inlaid With Mother Of Pearl and Camel Bone.

Style No. TB551: Turkish Copper Brazier

Style 478: Middle Eastern Turkish/Syrian brass brazier. in: 30" in diameter X 57" H. / cm: 76.2 in diameter X 144.8 H