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Alcazar side table

Heirloom quality inlaid table hand-carved with the most beautiful Arabesque designs and engraved with calligraphy on solid walnut. Dimensions: 17" in diameter X 21" H / cm: 43.2 in Dia X 53.3 H
$1,800.00 $1,620.00

Alibaba Chest

Chest hand-inlaid with mother of pearl on solid wood. Dimensions - in: 33"L X 20 1/2"W X 33"H / cm: 83.8 L X 52.1 W X 83.8 H

Ancient carved mirror

Hand-carved teak vintage Mirror. Can be used horizontal or vertical. 54" w X 81" h / cm: 137.2 W X 205.7 H

Asala Mother of Pearl Chest

Majestic Syrian Inlaid Wedding Chest With The Most Beautiful Tulips, Sun Flowers, Vines and Roses. 26" D X 65" L X 45" H

Atika Mother of pearl mirror

Syrian inlaid mirror with mother of pearl, camel bone and silver metal wire on walnut. 38" Wide X 72" High. cm: 96.5 W X 182.9 H

Atiq Syrian Chest (SOLD)

Arabian chest inlaid chest with mother-of-pearl and metal wire. A great anchor piece for a captivating decor. 50" w X 19" d X 37" h. cm: 127 w X 48 d X 94 h

Bab sreijeh wedding chest

Syrian Wedding Dresser - Chest of Drawers. Inlaid With Mother Of Pearl and Camel Bone.

black stallion mother of pearl Desk

inlaid desk with Mother of pearl. Overall Dimension - in: 72"W x 36"D x 31 1/2"T / cm: 182.9" W X 91.4" D X 80" H

Constellation Syrian Mirror

Inlaid Mirror with mother-of-Pearl and camel bone. Amazing piece of art for a unique interior. Overall dimensions: in: 54" W X 102" H cm: 137.2 W X 259.1 H
$13,365.00 $12,028.00

Latifa Mother of pearl Mirror

Brilliant Mirror inlaid with mother of pearl, silver metal wire and camel bone. in: 40" W X 78" H cm: 101.6" W X 198.1" H

Layalina King Bed

Royal inlaid bed with mother of pearl. Hand-carved on solid walnut with interlaced woodwork. Overall dimensions - 83" w X 90" L / cm: 211 w X 229 L

Queen Anne Mirror

Brilliant Vintage Queen Anne Style Mirror in: 34 1/2" W X 61" H cm: 88 W X 155 H
$3,800.00 $3,200.00