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Bedouino Moroccan chest of drawers

Syrian chest of drawers inlaid with mother-of-pearl and camel bone. It brings the world of mystery and luxury right into your home! Perfect for Moroccan Interior.

Brave night Colonial Chair

Inlaid chair with mother of pearl on solid teak with ebony finish. Overall dimensions - in: 27" w X 25" d X 54" h / cm: 68.6" W X 63.5 D x 137.2 H

Butterfly Mirror

Intricate Moroccan style mirror inlaid with mother of pearl 36" W X 24" H. cm: 91.4 W X 61 H

celestial Mother of pearl chest

Inlaid chest of drawers - nightstand alternative with mother of pearl on walnut. Great for Mediterranean or Moroccan Theme. in: 41 1/2" Long X 22" Deep X 38 1/2" High / cm: 105.4 L X 55.9 D X 97.8 H

Chahna Klismos Chair

Camel Bone inlay Klismos Ram Head Chair. 18" D X 26" W X 35" H.

Chana Mosaic side table

Syrian - Moroccan Mosaic End Table inlaid with Mother of pearl. Dimensions: in: 17" W diam X 26 1/2" H cm: 43.2 W diam X 67.3 H

Constellation Syrian Mirror

Inlaid Mirror with mother-of-Pearl and camel bone. Amazing piece of art for a unique interior. Overall dimensions: in: 54" W X 102" H cm: 137.2 W X 259.1 H

Dalieh Side Table

Hand inlaid table with mother of pearl on walnut. Dimensions - in: 18 1/2" in diameter X 18 1/2" H / cm: 47 diameter X 47 H

Dariya Couch

Spacious Sofa hand-carved on walnut and inlaid with mother of pearl. in: 35" D X 82" L X 32" H cm: 88.9 D X 208.3 L X 81.3 H

Daybreak mother of pearl Mirror

Handmade mother of pearl, camel bone and silver metal inlay on walnut mirror. Overall dimension - in: 42 1/2" W X 65" H. cm: 108 W X 165 H.

Deep Ocean Mother of pearl Chair

Inlaid chair with mother-of-pearl. Hand-carved on solid walnut. Overall Dimension - in: 27" W X 29" D X 42" H / cm: 68.6" W X 73.7" D X 106.7" H

Desert Rose Mother of pearl console

Console table inlaid with top quality mother of pearl and abalone on walnut. 20" W X 86" L X 34" H / cm: 50.8" W X 218.4" D x 86.4" H (As Pictured). 20" W X 59" L X 34" H / cm: 50.8 X 149.9 L X 86.4 H.

Dreamer Mother of pearl Mirror

Syrian inlaid mirror with mother of pearl and silver metal wire on walnut. Overall dimensions: in: 43" W X 81" H / cm: 109.2 X 205.7 H

Dunya table

Hand-carved table Inlaid with Mother of pearl. 26" Diameter X 21 1/2 H. cm: 66 Diameter X 55 H.

Ebla Tall Table

Syrian hand-carved tapering lamp stand adorned with arabesque pattern latticework and inlaid with mother of pearl. 11" W X 11" D X 31" H cm: 27.9 W X 27.9 D X 78.7 H

Eboni Table

Heirloom quality inlaid dinning table hand-carved with the most beautiful Arabesque designs and engraved with poetry on solid walnut. Great for Moroccan theme. Overall Dimension - 72" in diameter X 30' H / cm: 182.9 Diam X 76.2 H

Elham Coffee table

Elegant coffee table inlaid with with other-of-pearl and silver metal wire on mohagony. Very decorative and focal piece for a warm living room. Dimensions: in: 35 1/2" L X 20" W X 19" H cm: 90.2" L X 50.8" W X 48.3" H

Emeralda chess side table

Hand inlaid table with mother of pearl and abalone on walnut. Dimensions - in: 24" in dia X 26 1/2" H / cm: 61 in dia X 67.3 H

Emessa Mosaic End Table

End/side table hand-made with wooden mosaics and mother of pearl inlay. Great accent for any interior with a Moroccan twist. Dimensions: 23 1/2 w X 23 1/2 l X 18" h cm: 59.7 W X 59.7 L X 45.7 H

Englizi ChaIr

Hand-made Levantine chair inlaid with top quality Mother of pearl and abalone. Overall dimensions: in: 26 1/2" W X 21" D X 32 1/2" H / cm: 67.3" W X 53.3" D X 82.6" H

Ethereal Mother of pearl Mirror

Syrian mirror hand-inlaid with mother of pearl, silver metal wire and camel bone on walnut. in: 32" W X 50" H cm: 81.3 W X 127 H

Euphoria Mirror

Hand-carved Syrian, Damascene Mirror inlaid with mother of pearl on walnut. in: 31" W X 46" H cm: 78.7 W X 116.8 H

Fairylike Mother of pearl Mirror

Masterpiece of fine workmanship and elegant taste of inlay. A Damascene Syrian Mirror fully inlaid with mother of pearl and camel bone on solid walnut. in: 31" Wide X 51" High. cm: 78.7 W X 129.5 H.

Fakeehah Mosaic Desk

Exotic wooden mosaic marquetry desk inlaid with mother of pearl. 26" D X 36" W X 31" H / cm: 66 D X 91.4 W X 78.7 H