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Buffets & Sideboards

Complete your dining room furniture collection with a new sideboard or buffet table that is out of this world! Our sidbaords and buffets are hand-made using inlays of mother of pearl and abalone on solid wood. Here you will find the piece that makes you place glitters with beauty. We offer a wide selection of buffets and sideboards and we do custom make pieces to fit your needs. 

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Style no. CA128 -Mother of Pearl Chest

Arabian / Moroccan / Anglo Indian Chest hand-inlaid with mother of pearl on solid wood. Overall Dimensions - in: 49"L X 19"W X 36"H / cm: 124.5 L X 48.3 W X 91.4 H

Style no. CA518 - Mother of pearl cabinet.

Designer cabinet inlaid with mother of pearl by Dima Turkmani. Overall Dimensions - in: 72" Wide X 18" Deep X 34" H / cm: 182.9" W X 45.7" D X 86.4" H Can be modified to fit your needs.

Style no. CA647 - Levantine Sideboard

Overall Dimensions - in: 60" L X 20" D X 36" H / cm: 152 L X 50 D X 91.4 H Material: mother of pearl and Solid walnut Process: Handmade, Inlaid with top quality mother of pearl.

Style no. CA663 - Inlaid Sideboard.

Overall Dimensions - in: 84" L X 22" D X 36" H / cm: 213.4 L X 55.9 D X 91.4 H Material: Solid walnut and mother of pearl.

Style no. SB469 - Reclaimed sideboard.

Arabian / Moroccan / Anglo Indian sideboard. 86" L X 18" W X 36" H / cm: 218.4 L X 45.7 W X 91.4 H

Style no. SB626 - camel bone inlay sideboard

Indian sideboard inlaid with camel bone. in: 18 1/3" D X 59" L X 36" H cm: 46.6 D X 149.9 L X 91.4 H

Style no. SB736 - Mother of pearl console-buffet

Cabinet with drawers Dimensions: 90"L X 22"D X 36"H. cm: 229 L X 56 D X 91 1/2 H Process: Hand-Inlaid with mother of pearl.