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Bathroom Vanities

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Style no. V071: Inlaid vanity with mother of pearl on walnut.

Inlaid vanity with mother of pearl, camel bone and silver metal wire on walnut. in: 28" W X 21" D X 38" H / cm: 71 W X53.3 D X 96.5 H

Style no. V074: Moroccan bathroom vanity with tile top

Moroccan bathroom vanity with brick red tile top and wrought iron base.

Style no. V306 - Mosaic marquetry sink bathroom vanity inlaid with mother of pearl.

Sink Vanity hand-made using several kinds of exotic wood and inlaid with with mother of pearl. Hand-made in Damascus, Syria. in: 28" Wide X 21" Deep X 36" High cm: 71 Wide X 53.3 Deep X 91.4 High

Style no. V307 - Mother of pearl inlaid sink vanity.

Sink Vanity hand-inlaid with mother of pearl on solid walnut. Hand-made in Damascus, Syria. Dimenstion - in: 48" Long X 23" Deep X 36" High / cm: 121.9 Long X 58.4 Deep X 91.4 High