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Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are an essential piece to any functional bathroom, and more often than not become the focal point of said space. Our vanities are all you need to make your bathroom your own with a style. 

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Style no. V071: Inlaid vanity with mother of pearl on walnut.

Inlaid vanity with mother of pearl, camel bone and silver metal wire on walnut. in: 28" W X 21" D X 38" H / cm: 71 W X53.3 D X 96.5 H

Style no. V306 - Mosaic marquetry sink bathroom vanity inlaid with mother of pearl.

Sink Vanity hand-made using several kinds of exotic wood and inlaid with with mother of pearl. Hand-made in Damascus, Syria. in: 28" Wide X 21" Deep X 36" High cm: 71 Wide X 53.3 Deep X 91.4 High

Style no. V307 - Mother of pearl inlaid sink vanity.

Sink Vanity hand-inlaid with mother of pearl on solid walnut. Hand-made in Damascus, Syria. Dimenstion - in: 48" Long X 23" Deep X 36" High / cm: 121.9 Long X 58.4 Deep X 91.4 High