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Style no. 32118 -Arabian, Moroccan exotic cabinet hand-inlaid with mother of pearl.

Arabian / Moroccan / Anglo Indian Chest hand-inlaid with mother of pearl on solid wood.

Style no. 32626 - Exquisite sideboard inlaid with camel bone.

Indian sideboard inlaid with camel bone.

Style no. 39469 - Exotic sideboard.

Arabian / Moroccan / Anglo Indian sidoard.

Style no. 52663 - Sideboard designed by Interior Designer Dima turkmani.

Dimensions: 67"L X 18"D X 36"H. Material: Solid walnut Process: Hand-made, Inlaid with mother of pearl
Hand-made in: Damascus, Syria.

Style no. 52736 - Console with four drawers.

Cabinet with drawers Dimensions: 90"L X 22"D X 36"H. Process: Hand-Inlaid with mother of pearl.

Style no. 71515 - Mother of pearl cabinet by Interior Designer Dima Turkmani.

One of a kind Designer cabinet inlaid with mother of pearl by Dima Turkmani. 59" W X 18" D X 34" H.

Style no. SB701 - Moroccan style side cabinet with embossed brass.

Moroccan, middle eastern, Anglo Indian antiqued sideboard.