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Hind Colonial Chair

Hand-inlaid chair with mother of pearl on ebonized teak wood. Overall dimensions - in: 27" w X 24" d X 39" h / cm: 69 w X 61 d X 99 h

Hooriya Levantine chair

Levantine Arm Chair Hand-inlaid with Mother of pearl on Solid Walnut. Hand-crafted in Damascus Syria. Overall dimensions: in: 27" W X 42" D X 52" H. / cm: 68.6 W X 106.7 D 132 H

Ibtihaj Side table

Octagonal side table inlaid with mother of pearl on walnut. in: 18" in dia X 20" H. / cm: 45.7 in dia X 50.8" H

Ida Levantine Mirror

Intricate mirror inlaid with mother of pearl on solid teak with ebony finish. 47" W X 75" High / cm: 120 W X 190 H

Imama Mosaic table.

Elaborate mosaic marquetry coffee table inlaid with mother of pearl. Dimensions - 39" W X 39" L X 18" H / cm: 99.1 W X 99.1 L X 45.7 H

Inaya Levantine Coffee table

Square Coffee Table Hand-carved on solid Walnut and inlaid with Mother of pearl with two drawers. 47" X 47" X 19.6" H. 120 X 120 X 50 cm H.

Inbihaj Mother of pearl side table

Side table fully inlaid with mother of pearl and camel bone on walnut. Dimensions: in: 19" W X 19" L X 21" H cm: 48.3 W X 48.3 L X 53.3 H

Jahan Levantine Console

Inlaid console table hand-carved with an allover design of fine floral and leaf pattern and latticework. Overall Dimension - in: 46" L X 17" D X 37" H / cm: 116.8" L X 43.2" D X 94" H

Jahara coffee table

Elegant coffee table inlaid with with other-of-pearl and silver metal wire on solid walnut. Very decorative and focal piece for a warm living room. Dimensions: in: 20" D X 38" W X 20" H cm: 50.8 D X 96.5 W X 50.8 H

Jalilah mother of pearl side table

Heirloom quality hand carved table inlaid with mother of pearl on walnut with calligraphy from ancient arabia. Overall size" 21.65" in Dia. X 24" H. (55cm W X 60cm H).

Jamila chest of drawers

Old Syrian Arabian Bridal Chest of Drawers inlaid with Mother of pearl and camel bone on walnut.

Janna Side Table

Wooden mosaic marquetry side table inlaid with mother of pearl. Dimensions - in: 25" W X 25" W X 27" H / cm: 63.5 W X 63.5" W X 68.6 H

Jawaher Side Table

Top Quality, Fully inlaid end table with Mother of Pearl, Camel bone. in: 23 1/2" in Dia. (21 3/4" W X 21 3/4" L) X 24 1/2" H. cm: 59.7 Diam X 62.2 H.

Johar Center Table

Heirloom quality center or side table inlaid with mother of pearl.

Jurieh mother of pearl table

Top Quality, Fully inlaid Occasional Moroccan Table with Mother of Pearl, Camel bone and Metal Wire. Hand-made in Damascus Syria. Dimensions - in: 24" W X 24" L X 26" H / cm: 61 W X 61 L X 66 H

Kalila Mother of pearl table

Heirloom quality inlaid table hand-carved with the most beautiful Arabesque designs and engraved with poetry on solid walnut. Great for Moroccan theme. Dimensions: 17" W X 21" H cm: 43.2 W diam X 53.3 H

Kamadia Mosaic top side table

End Table with wooden mosaic and Mother of pearl top. Dimensions: in: 18" in diameter X 22" H. cm: 45 in diameter X 55.88 H.

Kamaria Mosaic Desk

Half oval wooden marquetry with mother of pearl inlay executive desk. Overall dimensions in: 33" D X 78" W X 32" H / cm: 83.8 D X 198.1 W X 81.3 H.

Kameela Levantine Arm Chair

Accent chair hand-inlaid with top quality mother of pearl. Overall dimensions - in: 24" W X 53" H / cm: 61" W X 135" H

Karima Marquetry Chair

Hand-made Syrian, Moroccan Barrel form chair inlaid with Mother of pearl on several kind of wooden marquetry.

Khadijah Mosaic Chair

Exclusive Marquetry inlaid Chair with several kind of exotic wood mosaic and mother of pearl. in: 24" W X 18" D X 34" H / cm: 61 W X 45 D X 86.4 H.

Khairiya Levantine inlaid chair

Inlaid chair with mother-of-pearl. Hand-carved on solid walnut. Overall Dimensions - in: 27" W X 26" D X 42" H / cm: 68.6 W X 66 D X 106.7 H

Kya end table

Fine inlaid side table with Mother of Pearl, Abalone & camel Bone. Great conversational piece for a Moroccan or lively Interior. Size: 17" W X 17" L X 20" H / cm: 43.2 W X 43.2 L X 50.8 H

Ladonna Table

End/ side table hand-made with wooden mosaics and mother of pearl inlay. Great accent for a Moroccan interior or any lively interior. Dimensions: in: 23 1/2 w X 23 1/2 l X 18" h / cm: 59.7 w X 59.7 l X 45.7 h